PROJECT 313: Acknowledging our mothers.

Project 313 is a tribute to my mum as an appreciation for nurturing me and my 9 other siblings. Some of her attributes she taught each of us was to be charitable to others, to work hard, love and respect everyone and to keep the home clean and tidy.

A special day we can all honour and acknowledge our mothers.

I will make my 1st artwork this Saturday and gift it to my mum on Mother’s day Sunday 13 May 2018 which will start the numbering of artworks at no.1 leading up to no.313 to Mother’s day 2019.

There is 365 days in the year. Take out all the Sundays your left with 313 days. I will create an artwork on quality art paper 560mm x 760mm. Each day my Artwork will reflect what inspired me or something I may have learnt or experienced. The completed Artwork will be posted up on my website and other social media links at midnight each day for sale at $1500 each (NZ currency)

Limited edition of 313 prints of each of the 313 artworks will be for sale at $300 each for numbers 1-10. $150 each numbers 11-313.

Payments can be made on line direct debit into the bank account. If you would like to pre-book dates during the calendar you can pay a non-refundable deposit of $313. Your selected date will display sold and reserved for you. On the day final payment (+ freight costs) will need to be paid and the Artwork will be sent to you. There will be a disclaimer on the website.

 After 25 years of service helping people with Health and Education my wife and I are very excited about this project and look forward to seeing the finished 313 Artworks, Project 313 full coloured book and to personally meet all the Dr Richard Cooper Art Collectors at the Book Launch 4th July 2019.

The Charitable Trusts Dr Richard Cooper Fine Arts will support is The Self Recue Program and The Papakura Marae Society helping people with Long Term Conditions.

For $1500 investment you get:

  1. Original Dr Richard Cooper Artwork
  2. Authentication Certificate
  3. Artwork published in 313 full colour Book
  4. Exclusive invitation to the 313 Book Launch 2019
  5. Option for Dr Richard Cooper Art Collector to have a photo of themselves in the book
  6. If investor purchases 3 original artworks they become an official Patron of the Dr Richard Cooper Collective.
  7. Patron’s names acknowledged on website and in Project 313 book.
  8. Limited edition of 313 prints of each of the 313 numbered artworks
  9. The limited edition of 313 prints will instantly add significant value to the original artwork
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