Project 313 Artwork 157

Project 313 | Artwork 157 – 09 November

Wow, I have made it to the halfway mark. A time to reflect and think about moving forward. When I first started this project I didn’t have a clue as to how hard it would be, Some of the challenges I have faced along the way are
• Averaging 4-5hrs sleep a night (6 months)
• Always tired during the day
• Always forgetful & memory loss
• Eating late at night while still awake creating artworks
• weight gain 7.5kgs
• Hba1c 51 now 62
• Shocking cholesterol results
• Don’t feel like doing any exercise
• Artworks not generating enough income
• Was hoping to create art full time
• Stressed each day wondering am I going to create
My health has taken a toll. From this halfway mark moving forward I have decided to only create artworks once a week instead of 6 days a week. Just from this move I now feel a big load off my shoulders. I need to get my health back on track. My main goals are to have at least 6-7 hrs sleep each day, I am now 124.5kgs, I want to lose 9.5 kgs by the end of project 313 and be 115kgs. I also set a goal to get my hba1c back to <50. I would be really grateful if I had more sales. Watch this space.

Title: Halfway Mark Project 313

Medium: Ink on paper | Scale: 500mm x 700mm | No: 157 Artwork Project 313

This Artwork is purchasable as: Original Artwork | Prints 1 through to 10 | Prints 11 through to 313

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