Project 313 Artwork 140

Project 313 | Artwork 140 – 20 October

We had some of our grandchildren over for the long weekend. After doing their chores like packing their beds away, getting ready for the day and helping me weed the garden we packed a picnic and headed off to a park by the beach so they could play. There was a lot of families there so we drove back home to a park in our neighbourhood. Our son’s and daughter n law turned up, my daughter on her bike and my 87 year old mother n law. What a beautiful day. The grand-kids enjoyed the swings. We played touch rugby, passing and kicking the rugby ball around. It was a great joy for my wife and I having fun with our family.

Title: Family fun day

Medium: Felt on paper | Scale: 500mm x 700mm | No: 140 Artwork Project 313

This Artwork is purchasable as: Original Artwork | Prints 1 through to 10 | Prints 11 through to 313

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