Project 313 Artwork 139

Project 313 | Artwork 139 – 19 October

Today my wife and I spent some quality time together. Even after 35 years of marriage we still go out on dates. It was such a beautiful warm day we drove out to Beachlands, bought some fresh snapper, oysters, chips and a nice cold coke zero. We parked under a big willow tree over looking the Waitemata Harbour at Rangitoto and Waiheke Island. No playing with our phones just catching up and enjoying each others company. A beautiful day with my sweetheart.

Title: Date with my sweetheart

Medium: felt pen on paper | Scale: 500mm x 700mm | No: 139 Artwork Project 313

This Artwork is purchasable as: Original Artwork | Prints 1 through to 10 | Prints 11 through to 313

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