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What is this all about

World renowned artist, Dr. Richard Shortland Cooper, has committed to 313 artworks in a year. Starting on 12 May 2018 Richard will create an artwork for mothers around the world. The first original artwork would have been available on MOTHERS DAY 13 May 2018, but Richard has committed this to his Mum.

These paintings will be available for purchase at any time going forward. 

Have a look the Project313  to book your original artwork now.


Richard has a particular passion for combating Long Term conditions in the world. To further that he has  elected to donate to a charity close to his heart., namely the SELF RESCUE initiative  and the Papakura Marae. This initiative has already met with success with the groups he has introduced this to. 

Dr. Richard Shortland Cooper
Richard with his Mum and Dad
My wife Rula and myself
Rula and Richard Cooper
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